Barter your Produce Cardiff

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What's all this about then!

Are you a sower and a grower of remarkable vegetables and fruit. Then we'd like to talk to you.

At The Bakery Cardiff we take 'locally sourced produce' to a whole new level because wherever there's a home gardener or allotmenteer we'll happily buy or barter for your wonderful produce.

If you've got a glut of tomatoes or a store of spuds then bring them to us. We'll pay you handsomely for them too but if hard cash is not the thing on your mind we'd love to barter our produce with yours. Fancy something hot from our ovens? It's yours. Need a birthday cake in a hurry? Consider it done.

And remember, by helping us you're also helping Velindre Hospital so in a way you're converting your harvest into life saving treatment and support. Not sure what we're going on about. Click here to read all about it.

Other things we do

Buffet delivery

It's not just about the daily bread. Our ovens are churning out delicious things all day long so if you're in need of a working lunch or celebratory spread give us a call and we'll tell you what's cooking.

Cake Making

Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, Christmas cakes, cupcakes. We do the blooming lot!

Hog Roasts

It's nice having butchers for nieghbours. WA Harris provide the pig and we do the rest. Hoggy! Hoggy! Hoggy!