About The Bakery Cardiff

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What's our story?.

It's a humble one really. We started The Bakery with 3 simple things in mind: good food made locally, delivered locally.

Good food isn't just about good ingredients which is why we employ cooks and chefs to work all over our business. Who better knows how to turn a humble loaf into something of standbackable, lipsmackable beauty!

We make fresh every single day and it's not until we get into work that we know what ingredients we've got to conjure with. You see a lot of what we use comes from the garden growers and allotmenteers in our local community, so we never quite know what's in store for us until we've met and bartered with them.

Then it's down to the business of baking and making.

Our fillings are either made by us or by WA Harris butchers next door. They've got some real old fashioned talent for picking the best cuts of meat and cooking them in the most taste coaxing way. Who'd have thunk it? Belly pork or shoulder makes the best shredded pork sandwich!

We deliver all over Cardiff and a little beyond too, so when hunger and the need for something a bit different creeps up on you talk to us.

What we do for 'charidee' and do like to talk about it.

Velindre hospital is rammed full of incredibly dedicated people doing impossible things with not much money. We'd like to put that right which is why we give at least 10% of what we make to the Stepping Stones appeal there. You help us, we help them, they help us all! Simple.


Other things we do

Buffet delivery

It's not just about the daily bread. Our ovens are churning out delicious things all day long so if you're in need of a working lunch or celebratory spread give us a call and we'll tell you what's cooking.

Cake Making

Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, Christmas cakes, cupcakes. We do the blooming lot!

Hog Roasts

It's nice having butchers for nieghbours. WA Harris provide the pig and we do the rest. Hoggy! Hoggy! Hoggy!